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Fraser meets Ray

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Created on 2009-05-03 00:21:55 (#228050), last updated 2009-09-14 (419 weeks ago)

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Name:Fraser meets Ray
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I totally copied this off [profile] whenboymeetsboy, a romantic movie challenge.

As long as Fraser meets Ray, one or the other, or both, every pairing goes.


1. Minimum word count is 1,000 words.

2. All ratings are acceptable, everything from G to NC-17, but the main pairings must include Fraser/Ray; it doesn't matter which one. This means you can have threesomes if you want. Also you can have side pairings like Frannie/Welsh or Dief/Turtle or whatever comes to mind.

3. All fics should be rated.

4. There is no restriction on how many people can claim a particular movie. If five people want to write Pretty Woman then go right ahead! Sign ups are so I know who should be turning fics in, not so I know what movies are no longer available.

5. Co-writing is perfectly okay, just, make sure one member of the pair signs up for the story with the co-author's name as well. And signing up for multiple stories or pieces of art is welcome with the caveat that the first story or art piece should be completed or close to completed before you sign up for a second.

6. Fics already in progress are fine, as long as they haven't been posted anywhere else. Posting a snippet or two to your Flist as you write is okay; posting an entire chapter disqualifies the fic.

7. WIPs will be rejected. I want finished stories here, people, not parts one through seven of X many parts.

8. You don't have to follow your chosen movie by the book, loosely based is absolutely acceptable.

9. There are two deadlines to choose from - two months or four months. Countdown starts when you received your OK for your chosen movie.

10. Have fun!
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